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Office of the Director Divisional Balbhavan Jabalpur, Madhya –Pradesh Garha-Fatak Main Road, Jabalpur 
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No. /57/ N.Con/2016                                                                          Jabalpur Date 16 March 2016

National Bal Bhavan organizes a National Conference for Young Environmentalists each year to give them a platform to learn to be environmentally conscious, develop interest in specific issues of environment so as to become caring and responsible citizens of the earth. They also carry forward the messages/information to their native places, which they learn in the conference. This is about organizing the National Young Environmentalist’s Conference of the theme Prakriti Sangrakshak-Guardians of Nature. We are all part of nature and cannot survive without it. More and more people are realizing that the environment is more than just a supplier of cheap and abundant materials. Many are getting involved in nature conservation projects. Some dedicate their fortune, others their time; some even risk their lives. Their aim is the same: to preserve our planet’s biodiversity for the future. These people are Guardians of Nature. Besides humans nature has its own guardians in the form of various animals, birds, insects etc. A delicate network of all sustains nature. The purpose of organizing this conference is to identify our roles in this sustenance. The conference venue this year is Garware Bal Bhavan Aurangabad, Maharashtra.
1. Age Limit :- Age group of the members is 10 to 16 years.
2. The dates of the Conference are from 28th to 30th March 2016. Children to reach Aurangabad on 27th and can leave on 31st of March 2016.
Please contact Assistant Director Balbhavan
09479756905, 0761-2401584 , or mail us balbhavanjbp@gmail.com
Girish Billore
Assistant Director
Balbhavan, Jabalpur


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