Thursday, November 24, 2016

Report : National Children Assembly and Integeration Camp-2016

 first prize winner Team Balbhavan Jabalpur
Group Song :Team Balbhavan Jabalpur

National Children Assembly and Integeration Camp-2016 National Children Assembly and Integeration Camp - 2016 was organised at Nationl Bal Bhavan, New Delhi from 14th November to 16th November, 2016 in which children from 70 affiliated Bal Bhavans and Bal Bhavan Kendras of 17 States from across the country participated. The included participation of children of National Bal Bhavan, Jawahar Bal Bhavan Mandi and Bal Bhavan Kendras. This year's theme was ‘Friendship, Truthfulness and Love’. All the programmes were woven around this main theme. The Assembly was inaugurated on 14th November, 2016 by serectary, Ministry of HRD, Deptt. of School Education and Literacy Sh. Viney Sheel Oberoi by planting a sapling, releasing baloons and lighting of lamp. An Exhibition of art work and posters by children, Diorama of jungle animals, activity stalls in sprawling lawn added glory to the show. Special creative workshops in collaboration with other institutes of fame were also organised like wildlife SOS, Newspaper making illustrations with awardees artistes, story telling Delhi storytellers network etc. On inaugural day 1000 children from Bal Bhavan Kendras of Delhi and 100 children from JBB Mandi also participated. Children had a Lot of fun in the Jam session specially planned for them and train rides. Children had come prepared with songs, dances and skits, based on main theme. For the valedictory programme selected performances from the participating Bal Bhavan’s was show cased on the theme of ‘Friendship, Truthfulness and Love’ About 150 children of 11 member schools (Govt. and Private,) also participated in the activities and workshop on 14th and 15th November, 2016. Lectures cum performance by famous troupes like Kalari Kendram’s Kalaripattu and Sh. Rehmat Khan Langa’s Rajasthani folk were special attractions of the assembly. Children were able to make new friends and then participated in specially designed activities & workshops creative ventures in future that would help them.

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