Before World Environment Day

( Photo By  Umashankar Mishra creative photographer 2017 )
This photo published in 58 country and leading newspaper in India the hitvad published photograph front page all the newspapers papers balbhavan Jabalpur also thankful Press Trust of India

From the corridor of memory.
     It was the usual snack time, when my dad came back from the office. I surved him a cup of tea and snacks. I saw a sudden change in his facial expressions, he was feeling little low. I asked "Papa! What's the matter? Why are you so upset today? Is everything going good in the office? My father took a deep breath and said "Beta! Tomorrow is world environment day and today is the day when each and every student prepare something for the world environment day. I remember the previous years, when all the students used to come into my office filled with their eargerness to show their art to me. Dr. Renu Panday their art teacher used to send alot of painting, posters, sketches and skulptures made by kids with the message to save environment. Do you know beta, even the kids who are learning music come with their music teacher Dr. Shipra Sullere and used to pre perform group songs and I remember there was one song which I used to love alot "Akkad bakkad banbe bo ped lagao poore 100." which was very beautifully written and the kids used to sing it with so much innocence and with their playfullness. I even remember kids used to bring me wonderful articles with their own new ways to protect our mother earth. I have a memory of a photographer Mr. Umashankar Mishr, who came to my office and seeked my permission to take pictures of the kids and their teachers involved in the preparations happening in BalBhavan." My father then picked up his phone and showed me number of pictures clicked by Mr. Umashankar Mishr. Meanwhile, he told me about this specific photograph which was released by press trust of India to the entire world with the caption @Balbhavan Jabalpur, which was published in all the leading newspapers of 58 countries. It was also published in many leading newspapers in India and it was the front page of the "The Hitvad". For my father the preparation has been the day filled with mixed feelings of anxiety
and excitement but, because of Covid-19 the day was full of silence and dullness, which made him feel sad. I wish that god and nature soon come into their cool and calm state and the entire earth is filled with laughter again.
Shraddha Billore


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